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Tuktoyaktuk Services and Facilities
The Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk has a population of approximately 900 people and provides most key services to the public. Local amenities include:

  • hotels
  • grocery, hardware and craft stores
  • ATM
  • health centre
  • visitor’s centre
  • local tourism operators

For information on the Tuktoyaktuk region, contact:

Hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk
P.O. Box 120
Tuktoyaktuk, NT X0E 1C0

867 977 2286

Tuktoyaktuk Accommodations
Name Address Phone number
Hunter’s B&B
324 Oceanview Drive, Tuktoyaktuk 867 977 2558
End of the Road Inn 314 Beaufort Drive, Tuktoyaktuk 867 977 2044
Smitty’s Bed and Breakfast 608 Kitti Road, Tuktoyaktuk 867 977 2777
Tuktu B&B 239 Mangilaluk Drive 867 678 5116

Other Services

Public Telephone: A public payphone is available at the Tuktoyaktuk airport. Calls can also be made from local accommodations.

Health Care: The Tuktoyaktuk Health Centre has several nurses on staff. Telephone: 867 977 2321

Police: There is a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment in town. Telephone: 867 977 1111

Inuvik Services and Facilities

Inuvik is located on the bank of the Mackenzie River, approximately 120 kilometres (about 75 miles) south of Tuktoyaktuk. The town has a population of 3400 and is the regional service centre for the western Arctic.

Services located in Inuvik include:

  • aircraft charter companies providing flight services in the region
  • grocery, hardware and gift stores
  • restaurants, and hotels
  • a bank and ATM
  • a hospital
  • RCMP detachment
  • Western Arctic Visitor Centre

For information on the Inuvik area contact:

Town of Inuvik
2 Firth Street
Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0

867 777 8600


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