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St. Peters Canal National Historic Site

Activity booklet
Activity booklet

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Are you looking for some fun activities you can try at home while you learn about St. Peters Canal National Historic Site? Try some of these!

Count in different languages!

These four languages have historically been spoken at or around St. Peters Canal, you can learn how to count to 10 in four different languages below!

Counting in different languages
Counting in different languages
# English French Mi'kmaq Gaelic
1 one un [uh] newt [newt] a h-aon [ah hoon]
2 two deux [deuh] ta'pu [daa-bu] a dhà [ah ghaa]
3 three trois [trwah] si'st [siist] a trì [ah tree]
4 four quatre [katr] ne'w [neew] a ceithir [ah KAY-heer]
5 five cinq [sank] na'n [naan] a còig [ah KO-ik]
6 six six [seess] asukom [ah-se-gom] a sia [ah SHEE-uh]
7 seven sept [set] l'uiknek [L-lu-i-ge-nek] a seachd [a shechd]
8 eight huit [weet] ukmuljin [u-gu-mul-chin] a h-ochd [ah HAWchd]
9 nine neuf [nuf] pesqunatek [bes-ku-na-dek] a naoí [ah NOO-ih]
10 ten dix [deess] newtiska'q [new-tis-gaahk] a deich [a jayk]

True or false?

  1. St. Peters Canal is no longer in use.
    • True or false?

      False. It is still being used.

  2. Fur trading took place near the St. Peters canal hundreds of years ago.
    • True or false?


  3. It took 4 years to complete the construction of the canal.
    • True or false?

      False. It took 15 years!

  4. The canal is 200 metres long.
    • True or false?

      False. It is 800 metres long!

  5. The original name of St. Peters was Saint Pierre.
    • True or false?


  6. The canal is connected to the Bras d’Or Lake.
    • True or false?


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