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Marconi National Historic Site

Activity booklet
Activity booklet

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Are you looking for some fun activities you can try at home while you learn about Marconi National Historic Site? Try some of these!

Communicate using Morse code

Early wireless messages were sent using Morse code. Why do you think messages were sent this way? For this activity pretend you are a spy and write a note using Morse code that you will give to Marconi to transmit!

Morse code
Morse code
Letter Morse code
A ·−
B −···
C −·−·
D −··
E ·
F ··−·
G −−·
H ····
I ··
J ·−−−
K −·−
L ·−··
M −−
Morse code
Letter Morse code
N −·
O −−−
P ·−−·
Q −−·−
R ·−·
S ···
U ··−
V ···−
W ·−−
X −··−
Y −·−−
Z −−··

If you want, you can also use a pencil to try sending a Morse code message to a friend! Dashes are one long beat, while dots are quick. One dash should be as long as three dots. If you are being sent a message, write down the letters as you get them so you can read the message!

Note: Morse code is an international language, so it corresponds to any language which uses the A-Z alphabet!

Write a letter

Before Marconi helped to invent wireless communication, it was a lot harder to communicate quickly. Many people would write letters to family, which could take weeks, or months, to arrive at its destination! For this activity, pretend you live in the 1800s and write a letter to Marconi telling him how wireless communication would make your life easier!

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