Halifax Citadel National Historic Site

The Halifax Citadel was declared a National Historic Site in 1952. Today its restored walls welcome all who wish to learn about defining moments in Canadian history.

The Four Citadels

Explore the history of the four Citadels from 1749 to 1906.

Hometown Heroes

Hometown Heroes commemorates individuals who made unique contributions to Canada's war effort.

The Maroons

The Maroons left an enduring legacy in Nova Scotia. From 1792-1800, they cleared land and constructed Government House and the third citadel.

Victorian holiday crafts

Get into the holiday spirit with Victorian Christmas crafts.

Victorian holiday recipes

Try making these favorite Victorian holiday recipes from the Halifax Citadel at home.

Halifax Defence Complex

The Halifax Defence Complex includes five forts and batteries constructed by the British and Canadian militaries in Halifax, Nova Scotia: Fort McNab...

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