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Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site

Stone walls of Prince of Wales Fort stand starkly silhouetted on a point into Hudson Bay at the mouth of Northern Manitoba’s Churchill River. Built between 1731 and 1771 by the Hudson’s Bay Company during times of English/French conflict, the National Historic Site includes nearby Cape Merry Battery and the winter harbour of Sloop Cove.

Google Street View of Cape Merry Battery

Always wanted to visit Cape Merry Battery but don’t know what to expect? Google Street View now has you covered!

History of Prince of Wales Fort

Learn more about Indigenous peoples’ history near Churchill and the eventual construction of Prince of Wales Fort.

History of Cape Merry

Learn more about the history of the Cape Merry Battery, including its famous cannons, near Prince of Wales Fort.

History of Sloop Cove

Learn about how the men of Prince of Wales Fort used nearby Sloop Cove to access the Churchill River.

Five Fun Facts about Cannons

Read fun facts about the 42 cannons, including what markings mean and how often they were used.

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