Facilities and services

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site


Accessible facilities

An accessibility shuttle parked at Lower Fort Garry.

A motorized shuttle is available upon request for transporting visitors to the historic grounds. To use the shuttle, visitors must climb a step. Visitors unable to do so can speak to Parks Canada staff to make alternative arrangements to access the historic grounds.

On Mondays, visitors can take a 20-minute tour of the site from the comfort of the cart.

Strollers and a wheelchair are available for use. Please see Parks Canada staff in the Visitor Centre for more information. There is no fee to use these items.

All pathways on the historic site are gravel. There are benches placed around the site to allow visitors to rest and enjoy the site's beauty.

The Visitor Centre includes an accessible washroom and an adult changing table.

Because of the historic nature of the buildings, some buildings have graded entry, including the museum, men’s house, bakehouse, blacksmith shop, warehouse (first floor) and furloft (first floor). The Big House has an elevator for access.



Gift shop

Stone Fort Trading Company, operated by Friends of Lower Fort Garry, has the same hours of operation as Lower Fort Garry.


Information / language services

Services at Lower Fort Garry are offered in both English and French. Pick up a site orientation map in the Visitor Centre.



Plenty of free vehicle and motorcoach parking is available next to the Visitor Centre.



Lower Fort Garry is proud to be a dog-friendly facility. With plenty of green space and area to wander, Lower Fort Garry is a scenic place for you and your dog to enjoy nature and history. Dogs are allowed into most of the historic buildings and the Visitor Centre.

Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs and for their dog’s behaviour. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.


Picnic area / picnic shelter

Looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy a picnic? Lower Fort Garry has picnic tables as well as ample grassy areas near the Visitor Centre. Enjoy the space with friends and family, but please practice leave no trace guidelines to ensure others can enjoy the space afterwards.



Life A Little Sweeter has the same hours of operation as Lower Fort Garry.



Restrooms are available in the Visitor Centre as well as on the historic grounds.


Visitor Centre

The Visitor Centre is the entrance to the site. It offers reception and information services, a multimedia exhibit, a gift shop operated by the Friends of Lower Fort Garry, and public washrooms.

Inside the Visitor Centre is a large multi-purpose room with adjoining patio, which is available for rental for meetings, weddings, banquets and other events.



Bicycles are permitted on the Lower Fort Garry grounds. Please be respectful of visitors on foot and ride safely.

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