How to get here

The Forks National Historic Site

The Forks National Historic Site lies along the Red River, a peaceful stretch of land dedicated to quiet contemplation of times past. Peaceful, that is, unless there's a festival underway: then it's time to celebrate! Here's how to travel to The Forks, no matter where you are located or how you're travelling.

  •  By vehicle
    The Forks National Historic Site is located in the centre of Winnipeg and can easily be accessed by private vehicle. For parking information, please refer to Facilities and services.
  •  By bus
    Winnipeg Transit offers bus service to The Forks. For route and schedule information, contact Winnipeg Transit via TeleBUS at   Phone number: 287-RIDE (7433), by sending an SMS (text) to BUStxt at 287898, or go to or on your mobile device.
    • The closest stop is #10907.
    • Stops #10641 and #10625 at the intersection of Main Street and Broadway (Union Station) are also a short walk away.
  •  By rail
    VIA Rail has regular train service to Winnipeg's 100-year-old Union Station, located on the doorstep of The Forks National Historic Site. Learn more about Via Rail service.
  •  By foot
    The Forks is a pedestrian-friendly area you can reach by Winnipeg's beautiful river walks during summer, fall and winter (spring flooding is an expected event in Winnipeg) or by any of the access routes available to vehicles.
  •  By bike
    Cycling is a great way to come to The Forks. There are many bike paths on and near the site. We do request that you dismount and walk your bicycle on all ramps and in congested areas, so everyone's visit is pleasant and safe.
  •  By boat
    Docking facilities are available at The Forks, so why not come ashore for a stroll?

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