Fees and promotions

Free lockage on July 1st, 2022

Canada flag on a boat

In honor of Canada Day, July 1st, 2022. Admission to all Parks Canada-administered locations from coast to coast will be free. This includes admission to national historic sites, national parks, national marine conservation areas and lockage along historic canals and waterways in Ontario and Québec.

Enjoy the holiday weekend to discover or rediscover one of the Parks Canada historic canals. We hope to see you there! 

Regular fees 2022

Site access is free. However, fees apply for boating services. Fees vary depending on the site, the number of locks to pass and boat length.

Lockage permits

Buy your lockage and mooring permits

Permits are valid in all Parks Canada waterways and canals.
You can buy them online, or at the lock stations.

Seasonal lockage $9.50/foot
Six days $5.50/foot

Quebec Canals

Single lockage

Chambly Canal and Lachine Canal $1.50/foot
Saint-Ours Canal, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Canal, Carillon Canal $1.00/foot

Rideau Canal and Trent-Severn Waterway

Single Lock and Return $1.00/foot
One Day $1.75/foot
Transit one-way $5.00/foot

Overnight mooring fees

Seasonal mooring $10.50/foot
Mooring one night $1.00/foot
Electricity (30 amps) $10.25/24 hours

Canoes and Kayaks: 50% off the Lockage Permit


A mother and sons paddling


Attention all paddlers! The Seasonal Lockage Permit for canoe and kayak is back – enjoy 50% off!

Get your canoe or kayak lockage permit today! 

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