Summer programs

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites

Visiting Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites will be different than previous years. Be prepared, and know what is open and closed before you go.

Daily schedule

Jun. 1 - Sept. 5, 2023 

Spot and join our costumed interpreters throughout the site to learn about life at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse. Will they task you with traditional chores? Will they test your fitness level for military recruitment? Will they invite you to an ice-cream social time at the Canteen? Immerse yourself in everyday duties of a time gone by.

NOTE: Program schedule may change due to inclement weather or operational needs.

Monday to Sunday 

Lighthouse Chores

At Fisgard Lighthouse - 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Lend the lighthouse keeper a helping hand with their daily chores! Drop by Fisgard Lighthouse and try your hand at washing laundry or help make candles for the foggy days ahead, as they would have in the 1860’s.

Sweet History

At the Canteen - 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

You’re off-duty! Learn more about the social lives of soldiers and treat yourself to a scoop of locally crafted ice cream at the Canteen.

WWI Medical Training

At Upper Battery – 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Scrub in and save lives! Help a Canadian ‘Bluebird’ nurse with her patients and their mysterious illnesses, using WWI medical tools and equipment.

Monday to Friday

Hands-on History

At Casemates barracks – 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The use for old objects is often obvious, sometimes intriguing and occasionally mind blowing! Can you guess what carefully kept artifacts from Fort Rodd Hill’s collection was used for and from which era? Your inquisitive mind will be rewarded during this hands-on experience.

Roving Interpretation

The staff at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse NHS are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for this unforgettable place. From historic military drills to culinary curiosities and meeting new allies, these pop-up programs appeal to visitors of all ages. Take a look at the descriptions below to get an idea of what you may experience during your visit!

Fit to Serve
Attention, recruit! Soldiers need to always be mentally and physically at their peak. Find out if you are fit to serve at Fort Rodd Hill, as your drill sergeant leads you through tests of endurance, flexibility and teamwork.

Taste of the Trenches

Picky eaters beware! A soldier needs to eat, but in the WWI trenches, options were limited and cooks often challenged to get creative. Could you survive on just boiled beef, hardtack, and canned veggies?

Forts for the Fishes

There is an abundance of beautiful ocean life on the beaches and tide pools near Fisgard Lighthouse! Patrol the water’s edge to meet its inhabitants and learn to become their ally.

Skulls' Secret

Creatures great and small can be identified by their skull. Get up close and personal as shape, density and found location of local species skulls reveal their true story and how the environment was key to their health.

Suited for Military Life
Seven Parks Canada interpreters dressed in various period uniforms

Do you have an eye for fashion and history! Military uniforms evolved over that past centuries and those worn at Fort Rodd Hill followed the base’s needs and trends. 1880s Royal Artillery blue or WWII khaki, we’ll show you all their special features.

Super Sea Otter: Help the Kelp

To the rescue! Super Ollie is a guardian of the kelp forests, but he’ll need your help to protect them. Can you spot a sea otter? Why are Bull Kelp so important to them? We’ll tell you and show you the ropes.

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