Be spellbound by the voices of history on an audio tour at Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse NHS. Listening to captivating accounts of life at the fort: you can almost imagine the mannequins in the Plotting Room coming to life and barking military orders. If the walls at Fort Rodd Hill could talk, they might tattle on the American spy who lurked in the dark woods, taking note of top-secret wartime preparations. Hear how First Nations people cultivated camas lilies and harvested their edible bulbs. Smile as a young Victorian woman spins the tale of when she did a man’s job, running a lighthouse with her aunt in the 1800s. Listen and linger at your own pace, gaining knowledge of west coast Canadian history every step of the way.

Audio tour devices are available from the Welcome Centre. Several devices have a headset adaptor for personal comfort or for individuals with hearing loss. Note: The audio tour is not a navigational tool and does not give directions around the fort or lighthouse.

For the current cost of an audio tour, please visit the Fees page.

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