Red chairs and trails

Bar U Ranch National Historic Site

We've saved you a seat!

Parks Canada has placed over 200 red Adirondack chairs in peaceful and scenic locations throughout many of the country’s most unique and treasured places, including the two sets found here at Bar U Ranch National Historic Site.

Grab a friend, go for a walk then relax and snap a selfie on one of our red chairs. Each location immerses you in the landscape and its history.

How to find the red chairs at Bar U Ranch

The red chairs are for you to discover. While some chairs are easy to find, others require more of an adventure.

Find them in the following locations:

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Location Coordinates
Viewpoint Trail 50°25'19.3"N 114°14'42.4"W
Pekisko Creek 50°25'12.1"N 114°14'59.8"W

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Parks Canada’s red chairs: where it all started

In 2011, our friends at Gros Morne National Park came up with the idea to place sets of Adirondack chairs in lesser-known, stunning locations around the park, inviting visitors to enjoy and share on social media. Today, the iconic red chairs can be found in over 100 locations administered by Parks Canada.

Where will your next red chair moment be?

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The Parks Canada red chairs are made from 100% recycled plastic saved from Canadian landfills.


Riparian Trail

A trail goes past a tipi next to the river
The Riparian Trail loops around the Stoney Nakoda tipi camp by Pekisko Creek

Trail distance: 1.5 km loop from visitor centre

Walk from the visitor centre into the ranch’s historic core and across the Pekisko Creek bridge. Explore an area representing the landscape that attracted ranchers and the ranching industry more than 100 years ago.

Stop in at Roundup Camp to hear tales about camp life on the range. Follow the Riparian Trail alongside the creek, winding through old cottonwood trees. This area is home to a wide variety of local wildlife, such as deer, birds of prey, geese and trout. Wildlife safety: Help Parks Canada keep wildlife wild

Continue past the Slaughter House to see the historic corrals that were used to hold cattle brought in from the range to the ranch headquarters.

The trail winds its way past a Stoney Nakoda tipi camp, before circling back to Roundup Camp. The trail ends along the banks of Pekisko Creek, at two of the site’s red chairs - the perfect place to snap photos and enjoy a riverside picnic!

Viewpoint Trail

A viewpoint with two red chairs
The Viewpoint Trail offers incredible sights of Alberta's foothills

Trail distance: 1 km out and back from visitor centre

A perfect introduction to the Bar U Ranch. The trail leaves from the visitor centre, and continues parallel to the centre, overlooking the ranch’s historic headquarters.

Following a ridge, the trail continues past a picnic area, to one of the site’s set of red chairs! Take in the view from high above Pekisko Creek. Vistas of the prairies to the east and Rocky Mountains to the west await.

Pekisko Creek Trail

A trail marker showing which way to go
The east portion of Pekisko Creek trail will be closed this season. Please obey all posted signage.

Trail distance: 3 km out and back from visitor centre

Starting at the red chairs on the Viewpoint Trail, this trail takes you into the Pekisko Creek valley, winding through mature cottonwood trees lining the water’s edge.

The valley is home a variety of wildlife and the historic site’s current herd of cattle. Get a glimpse of how Bar U Ranch transformed from an open range to a managed livestock operation. See the historic Hog Barn, Boar Shed and former Bunkhouse, which was repurposed into a cattle feeder when its human inhabitants moved out. See if you can spot the lone remaining gate from ranch’s sprawling corral system.

Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the ranch as the trail passes through pastures, fields and native grasslands. This trail is a great way to explore quiet areas of the ranch and get the classic Rocky Mountain Foothills view!

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