12.0 Heritage Messages Are Communicated to the Public

In addition to the level one messages (Section 8.0), the Rideau Canal possesses other heritage values that should be communicated in order for people to understand the range and complexity of the Canal’s heritage. These level two heritage messages include:

  • the Rideau Canal and the Merrickville Blockhouse are National Historic Sites and are part of the family of national historic sites;
  • the operational and maintenance history of the Canal through the post-military period, (after 1855);
  • the construction and operation of the first and second Tay Canals;
  • the evolving use of the Canal from commercial to recreational waterway;
  • the historic and evolving relationship between corridor communities and the Canal;
  • heritage values and the question of modernization;
  • the Rideau Canal is part of an international inland canal network;
  • the Rideau Canal is one of the historic canals administered by Parks Canada;
  • the Rideau Canal is historically related to other national historic sites such as Fort Henry and the Kingston Fortifications;
  • the cultural and natural heritage presented by these National Historic Sites is our legacy as Canadians and a very significant element of Canadian history.

12.1 Communications Objectives for Heritage Messages

The effective communication of the heritage messages of  the Rideau Canal will be achieved when:

  • aspects of the presentation experience addresses these subjects;
  • the public, both visitors and non-visitors, exposed to a heritage presentation experience have an opportunity to learn about the site’s broader heritage messages; and
  • the effectiveness of communication is measured and monitored.

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