The Rideau Canal is part of the every day life of many people along the Canal. The management of water levels, hours of operation, the use of lockstations and the management of Canal lands and the bed of the Canal directly affects most Canal corridor residents and many visitors. As well, since the Canal is a national historic site, its management is of interest to all Canadians. To deal with these and many others issues, the Canal is involved with the public, individually and collectively.

Public stakeholder groups have had a long history of involvement related to the management of the Rideau Canal. There are a wide variety of organizations with an interest in the future of the Canal. Heritage groups, lake associations, fish and game clubs and tourism interests all contribute to the quality of the Rideau environment and its public use opportunities. These groups and the general public have an expectation of ongoing consultation for  many aspects of Canal management, as well as production and implementation of this plan. The attainment of the vision for the Rideau Canal will depend to a large extent on how Parks Canada can involve most stakeholder groups in the implementation of the actions in this plan on an ongoing basis.

12.1 Strategic Goal:

To involve the public in the development and implementation of the management plan and consult with appropriate interests before making important decisions about the operation of the Canal.

Rideau Canal Symposium
Rideau Canal Symposium, Steve Weir

The annual Rideau Canal symposium is a popular event to discuss the challenges facing the Canal.
12.1.1 Key actions by Parks Canada:
  • The Rideau Canal Advisory Committee will continue to function as a primary means of consultation in the management of the Canal. The Committee embodies diverse interests and experience with a stake in the future of the Canal. The Committee will be consulted on all major decisions in the management of the Canal.
  • Establish a communications strategy to transmit important information and involve the public in policy, facility and activity planning where their participation would be appropriate.
  • Support the Rideau Canal Advisory Committee in convening a periodic symposium on the challenges facing the Rideau Canal.
  • Nurture the establishment of networks of similar interests within the Canal corridor and support their objectives.
  • Continue to support the objectives of the Friends of the Rideau and the Rideau Waterway Land Trust Foundation.
  • Prepare an annual assessment of the progress of implementing the plan and inform the public.
  • Prepare a State of the Canal report every five years prior to the management plan review.
  • Undertake a formal review of the management plan on a five year cycle.
Brass Point Bridge

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