11.0 The Natural Environment of the Rideau Canal Corridor

Many of the natural features of the Canal - the wetlands and the identified lakes - are known to have a direct connection to the construction of the Canal and are deemed to be Level I resources, (see sections 5.1 and 5.2). In addition, there are extensive ecosystem features - lands, waters, plants and animals - under the jurisdiction of the Rideau Canal that are valued because they comprise an important component of the Canal’s history and landscape and as such are considered a vital heritage resource that must be respected and safeguarded.

11.1 The natural ecosystem elements within the Canal corridor are valued because:

  • of their contribution to the health and wholeness of the ecosystem within the corridor;
  • they are vital parts of the landscape character and history of the corridor;
  • of their contribution to the enjoyment and quality of life along the corridor.

11.2 The natural ecosystem features of the Canal will be respected when:

  • a natural ecosystem inventory on Canal lands and waters is developed and maintained;
  • natural resources of special significance are safeguarded and monitored;
  • the habitat of flora and fauna species designated as rare, threatened or endangered by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), or by the Province of Ontario is protected;
  • features, which, by virtue of their strategic location and physical or biological characteristics, are of special value to government or non-government agencies involved in environmental monitoring and programs to maintain biodiversity and genetic resources in Canada, will be protected;
  • features of special significance are managed in accordance with the principles and relevant policies regarding the protection and management of natural ecosystems.

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