10.0 Level Two Moveable Resources

The level two moveable resources consist of archival material, historic objects and archaeological artifacts.

10.1 Level Two Historic Objects

While there is a great number of objects - particularly tools and hardware - with potential association with the Canal, it is difficult to determine their historic value because of a lack of information regarding their provenance and the scattered nature of the holdings.  The approach is to treat any object with a direct association with the operation or maintenance of the Rideau Canal in the 1855 to 1967 period as a potential level two resource until evaluated otherwise.

10.1.2 The values of the level two historic objects will be respected when:
  • an inventory and evaluation is conducted on the resources and their provenance and value determined;
  • those resources determined to be level two are maintained as collections.

10.2 Level Two Archival Material

The archival material for the post-military Canal period consist of maps, surveys, correspondence and photographic plates and negatives. This material is held in various locations on and off site.

10.2.1 The level two archival material is valued for:
  • its association with the operation and maintenance of the Canal;
  • its association with commercial and recreational use of the Canal system;
  • the information it provides to the changes on the system;
  • the information it provides on working and social life on the Canal;
  • the information it provides on lockstation sites and adjacent communities;
  • the information it provides on commercial and recreational activities in the Rideau corridor area;
  • its aesthetic qualities.
10.2.2 The archival material will be respected when:
  • an inventory record of these level two resources on and off site is developed and maintained.

10.3 Level Two Archaeological Artifacts

Archaeological excavation on Canal lands has resulted in an extensive collection of artifacts related to Canal’s post-military operation and maintenance as well as social and working life. This material is under the management of the Archaeological Services, Cornwall Office.

10.3.1 The artifacts are valued for:
  • their association with the evolving use of the Canal;
  • their association with working life on the Canal;
  • the information they provide on working and social life;
  • their integrity as a collection.
10.3.2 The artifacts will be unimpaired and not under threat when:
  • inventory and evaluation records are developed and maintained;
  • resource collections are prepared;
  • they are conserved when significance warrants;
  • they are maintained as a collection (this does not preclude the exhibit of portions in different locations).

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