Progress Report on Implementation of the Recommendations of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada's National Parks

Longer Term Strategies and Related Funding Requirements

The Panel indicated that "Successful implementation of the various programs, initiatives and recommendations contained in Volume II of the Panel's report will require committed, long-term support from the federal government in terms of finances and resources. Parks Canada needs to support its dedicated employees through finding and assigning the financial and human resources required to further the cause of ecological integrity."

Many of the initiatives already under way and reported on above require additional funding for effective and full implementation. Further, many of the important recommendations of the Panel require increased funding for Parks Canada to even get started, to be followed by full implementation.

Subsequent to the release of the Panel's report in March 2000, strategies and funding to implement the Panel's recommendations have been pursued and are being considered as part of the government's budgeting process.

Increased funding is also needed to achieve Parks Canada's priority objectives related to fulfilling the government's commitment to extend the parks systems, and to protect Canada's investment in park assets and cultural resources. This report deals only with actions under way to secure the new long-term funds to improve ecological integrity in the national parks, but equal effort is being placed upon securing funds for the other two priority areas.

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