Progress Report on Implementation of the Recommendations of the Panel on the Ecological Integrity of Canada's National Parks

"We will develop a national training and orientation program in ecological integrity for Parks Canada staff, managers and partners. This program will be implemented over the next two years." (Action Plan)

Progress to Date

  • A national ecological integrity training program for Parks Canada staff has been designed and initiated. A pilot course was held in December. All staff will receive some basic training while the training for others will be more extensive.
  • About $400,000 has been reallocated this fiscal year toward this priority initiative.
  • Training initiatives are also being done at the local level; for example, summer interpretation and visitor services staff in Kejimkujik and in Georgian Bay Islands National Parks received training on ecological integrity messages.

Next Steps

  • The national training and orientation program will be fully implemented over the next two years. If resources permit, this training will be extended to Parks Canada's partners.

"Parks Canada managers will facilitate an open discussion with staff about the implementation of this response to the Panel report. The ecological integrity training program will build on this dialogue." (Action Plan)

Progress to Date

  • The Chief Executive Officer sent a letter to staff: "As ecological integrity is everyone's job, I encourage you to consider, in your work place, the most effective ways of implementing ... actions ... and of building the team effort that will be essential to our success."
  • All Field Units have engaged managers and staff in a discussion of the Panel's report, the Action Plan and the implications to their particular Field Unit. Many Field Units and parks have taken extra steps. Examples include:
    • The Yukon Field Unit held a special one-day workshop and brought in a Panel member.
    • Terra Nova has challenged staff to think of ways of applying recommendations at their own work site.
    • Other parks took advantage of annual spring staff orientation sessions to highlight the report.
    • Some parks, such as Waterton Lakes, have set up multi-functional work units to implement particular recommendations.
    • Field Units throughout Quebec held employee information sessions where members of the Panel's secretariat gave presentations on the report and answered questions.
  • Ecological integrity is a regular agenda item at Parks Canada Senior Management Forums.

Next Steps

  • Continue the dialogue with staff, to ensure that ecological integrity is the first priority.
  • Build ecological integrity considerations into staff accountability or performance reviews.

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