Safety on land

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Island Safety and Preparedness

Be Prepared.

  • Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately. Bring sunscreen, a hat and enough water for your time on the island.   
  • Dress appropriately. Spring and fall can be surprisingly cool, especially on the coast line. Pack rain gear and extra warm clothing.
  • Proper hiking footwear is a MUST. Ankle injuries are common on the trail. Rocks on the trail and shoreline are slippery.    
  • Although cell phone coverage is not reliable in the park, it is still recommended that you bring your cell phone. Make sure it has a full charge and includes the park emergency number 519-596-2702. Call 911 if the situation is life-threatening.  If you don’t have service make your way back to the Beachy Cove dock. 
  • Always pack a first aid kit, headlamp/flash light, whistle, water and snacks. Everything you bring on the trail must come back with you, avoid bringing too many unnecessary items.  
  • Familiarize yourself with a map of the area before you leave for your hike. 

Drinking Water

There are no potable drinking water sources on Flowerpot Island, make sure you bring enough for the day. Water from the lake should be boiled for at least 5 minutes or filtered before drinking. 

Stay on the Trail. 

The most frequent distress call received by our public safety team is to assist hikers who are lost on the trail. The following tips will help you stay on track and enjoy your hike. 

  • Stay on the trail. It is much more difficult to navigate and locate you once you have left the trail. 
  • Avoid hiking alone. 
  • Don’t leave too late. Give yourself enough time to finish your hike before your boat is scheduled to leave. 
  • Observe your surroundings. Pay attention to prominent landmarks and geographic features. Take pictures you can refer to later if you are unsure.  
  • Check your map often. Many incidents relate to hikers who have travelled too far in the wrong direction.

If you do get lost. 

  • Stay calm. 
  • Check for cell phone service. If you have coverage, stay where you are and call 911 (or the park number 519-596-2702). Make sure that you tell the dispatcher your cell phone number and where you think you are. Don’t continue walking until you have received instructions from park staff.
  • If you don’t have cell phone service retrace your steps until you find enough to call for help or you find the trail again. Pay attention to where you are walking when looking at your cell phone. 
  • Rescuers can confirm your general location if you have a cell phone signal.

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