Water safety

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Take care when swimming in Georgian Bay.

  • Swimming is unsupervised. Visitors are responsible for their own safety. Always swim with a buddy supervise children when near the water. 
  • The rocky shoreline is very slippery when wet. Take care when entering and exiting the water. Water shoes are recommended. 
  • Cliff jumping / diving is illegal, you may be charged and evicted from the park. Common injuries include dislocation, fractures and concussions. Death has occurred. 
  • The Georgian Bay water is cold, rarely reaching above 16°C/60°F in July and August. Hypothermia is always a risk. Leg cramps and exhaustion happen quickly in cold water. 
  • The Georgian Bay shoreline is subject to rough water conditions. Strong wave action may pull you away from shore or force you into the rocks. 
  • It may take rescue and emergency services a long time (e.g., an hour or more) to reach Flowerpot Island. 
Find out how to navigate safely in Fathom Five National Marine Park.

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