Dive safety

Fathom Five National Marine Park

Park Regulations  

Diver Registration: All divers must register and purchase a dive pass prior to diving. No registration or permit is required to snorkel. Registration can be done at the Parks Canada Visitor Centre and at a number of Dive Centres in Tobermory.

Dive Flags: A dive flag must be displayed at all times, night and day, and within 30m (100ft) of all diving activity. Vessels are required to display the blue and white code signal “Alpha” flag. Towed or anchored floats must display the red and white divers’ flag.

Boating Restrictions: At least one person must be left on board when a boat is anchored or moored. Anchoring is not permitted into any shipwreck site; use the mooring buoy, or the natural lake bed. Vessels entering designated restricted boating areas must have the required Parks Canada permit.

Prohibited Activity: Removal, damage or disturbance of any natural, cultural or scientific feature is prohibited

Dive Safety

Cold Water: Fathom Five is classified as “cold water diving.” Plan your dives as if they are 3 m (10 ft) deeper. Adjust buoyancy while ascending and descending.

Physical Condition: A pre-existing medical condition could affect your diving ability. Adjust your dive plans to match your current health limitations.

Never Dive Alone: The even numbered buddy system offers essential safety in the event of difficulty.

Alcohol and Drugs: Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while diving can have disastrous effects.

Night Diving: Only experienced divers should engage in night diving. Each diver should be equipped with underwater lighting.

Dive Restrictions: Around the harbours, dive only in the designated diving areas, do not dive in vessel channel. 

Around the Tobermory harbours, diving and snorkeling are permitted only in the numbered dive areas, as shown on the map. 

Due to vessel traffic, in the harbours, it is important for each diver to review the park regulations and dive safety information. 

Please ensure extreme caution when diving and operating a vessel near or within any of these harbour areas. Also, please respect the rights of private property owners near these sites. Vessels are not permitted in the Lighthouse Point restricted area at any time.


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