Guide to the Preparation of Commemorative Integrity Statements

1.7 What's the Format for a CIS?

The CIS is a document intended for managers and decision-makers. It provides relevant information in a clear, succinct style, using plain language and bullet format to list resources, values, the messages that flow from these values, and objectives.

Following the standard format ensures consistency, both in the statements themselves and in follow-up monitoring. It builds on the experience of managers and owners from across the country, presenting diverse information in a cohesive and coherent manner.

The format for a CIS is shown in Guideline No. 4 - Templates . The CIS is presented in six sections:

  • Introduction. This includes the site's background, the national historic sites program objectives, and information on commemorative integrity and the CIS.
  • Designation and Context. This section contains the historic and geographic context, the site's Statement of Commemorative Intent and description of Designated Place, along with information about the designation.
  • Resources Directly Related to the Reasons for Designation as a National Historic Site. This contains details on the site as a whole and individual resources that relate to the reasons for designation. It includes a description of the resources, the historic values for each cultural resource or resource category and objectives for managing the resources.
  • Effective Communication of the Reasons for Designation as a National Historic Site. This identifies the reasons for the site's designation and objectives for ensuring these are communicated effectively.
  • Resources, Values and Messages Not Related to the Reasons for Designation as a National Historic Site. This section contains additional information on resources, values and messages which are important but not related to the reasons for designation, and objectives for their protection and presentation.
  • Appendices. Each CIS should contain the following:
    • all HSMBC recommendations and records of decision from minutes, and approved plaque texts.
    • a map of the national historic site showing Designated Place and geographic context (here or in the Designated Place section of CIS).
    • a list of CIS team members including their position and organization.

    Other appendices may be added as required.

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