Guide to the Preparation of Commemorative Integrity Statements

1.2 The Commemorative Integrity Statement (CIS)

A CIS is a document which defines what is meant by commemorative integrity for a particular national historic site. It provides a baseline for planning, managing, operating, reporting and taking remedial action.

A CIS should describe the place, its resources, values, objectives and messages in a way that reflects the richness of the national historic site. It should present pertinent information only, not the detail that would be found in planning documents
(such as a management plan, business plan, marketing plan or other functional plan), or inventories (site object catalogue, site plans or records).

For Parks Canada administered sites, the CIS must be approved by the Director General for the national historic sites program as well as the Field Unit Superintendent.

A CIS is meant to be valid over a period of at least twenty years. If the Minister approves changes to a site's Designated Place or the reasons for designation as a result of recommendations by the HSMBC after the CIS has been approved, the statement will need to be amended accordingly.

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