Guide to the Preparation of Commemorative Integrity Statements

1.6 Who is Involved in the Preparation of a CIS?

Preparing a CIS for a site must be done by a multi-functional team. This includes appropriate specialists/experts (see below), other individuals who are knowledgeable about the site, and representatives from the site's management and operations. Different sites may require different specialists.

Specialists/experts include:

  • archaeologists
  • architects
  • architectural historians
  • curators
  • heritage presentation specialists
  • historians
  • landscape architects
  • material culture specialists
  • underwater archaeologists
  • planners

Opportunities for stakeholder input should be encouraged.

The owner(s) of all lands being considered must be consulted in preparing the CIS. This is particularly important where the Designated Place is not all contained within one property.

In cases where the site is not operated by the owner, the operator should also be involved.

In some instances, specialists may not participate directly in preparing the CIS but will be involved in a review and advisory capacity.

The CIS should be prepared in consultation with someone knowledgeable about the requirements and the process.

The CIS should include the names, positions and organizations of those involved in its preparation as an appendix.

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