Wildlife and safety

A caribou standing in the plains
Top tips for wildlife and safety

The chance to observe wildlife as they go about their natural lives is one of the most fascinating experiences that national parks in Canada have to offer. Along with this opportunity, however, comes the responsibility to treat wildlife with the respect they deserve and need. Check out our best tips for wildlife safety!

A bear close to a trail
Safe travel in bear country

The Canadian Rocky and Columbia Mountains are home to both grizzly and black bears. Make sure you are aware of our recommended safety precautions when travelling in these areas.

A bee pollinating a common milkweed plant
Animals you might see

All travellers and nature lovers dream of seeing wild animals in their natural habitats! National parks, national park reserves, and national marine conservation areas are home to a large variety of species, including some that are symbolic of Canada. Check out what animals you might see when visiting a Parks Canada administered place!

A close up shot of a Swift Fox
Nature and wildlife

Exploring nature and viewing wildlife are common activities for many visitors. Find some of the best spots to spot wildlife and explore Parks Canada administered places.

A mountain goat standing on a mountain

Parks Canada is committed to increasing public awareness about respecting wildlife and safe practices for coexistence in our shared landscapes, and identifying proactive measures to reduce conflicts and avert serious incidents between people and wildlife. Check out our #Wildliferules for more information on contributing to the successful coexistence of people and wildlife!

A whale jumping out of the water
Creatures of the deep

National marine conservation areas (NMCAs) are established and managed to protect representative examples of marine regions in Canada for the benefit, education and enjoyment of Canadians and the world. Find out some of the species you will find in the NMCAs within Canada.

For other general information, hints and tips related to how to prepare for wide range of outdoor activities we encourage you to visit AdventureSmart. Get informed & go outdoors!

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