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What is Parks Canada?

Parks Canada is proud to contribute to our country’s world-class tourism offer and to the protection and presentation of Canada’s natural and cultural treasures. We administer over 200 protected places across the country, including 12 of Canada’s 20 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Parks Canada’s mandate is to protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage, and foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure the ecological and commemorative integrity of these places for present and future generations.

Do you have an image bank where I can download images to use in my marketing?

Parks Canada currently does not have an external image bank. Please contact the travel trade team at and we would be happy to help with any image requests.

Do I need a business license to visit a Parks Canada administered place?

As a tour operator or guide in a place administered by Parks Canada, you may require a valid business license for each national park or national historic site in which you operate. Please visit our business licences page for more information.

Do you offer experiences for Travel Trade? Where can I find inspiration and ideas for inclusion of more Parks Canada administered places on my future itineraries?

Yes, Parks Canada offers various experiences from coast to coast to coast! Visit the Parks Canada website to discover experiences to add to your itineraries. From hands-on history like firing a cannon to spectacular guided hikes, find suggestions to make clients’ visits to a national park or national historic site truly memorable.

You can also check out our 360 tours and Street View for Google Maps for inspiration for 450 000 km2 of stories!

How can I stay informed on updates to the status of Parks Canada administered places (weather, trail closures, etc.)?

Follow Parks Canada’s social media channels for information and updates on the status of all places administered by Parks Canada.

Where can I find updates on infrastructure and construction projects at places administered by Parks Canada?

To ensure visitors have the best possible experiences, Parks Canada is renewing structures like trails, campgrounds, visitor centres and parkways in treasured places across the country. Some projects may have a temporary impact on clients’ visits. For specific details on the projects or potential visitor impacts, please visit Infrastructure improvements at Parks Canada administered places. Please check back often as the information is updated regularly.

Is food available for purchase at Parks Canada administered places?

Independent providers offer food for purchase at select national parks and national historic sites. Please visit the national park or national historic site’s website for more information on their food offers.

Reservations and Rentals

Do you have an online reservation system?

Parks Canada has an online Reservation Service for 36 national parks, national marine conservation areas, and national historic sites across Canada. Whether it be a fully-serviced campsite, roofed accommodation, an interpretive guided hike or a remote backcountry experience, travel trade can plan your clients’ experiences with confidence so they can travel at ease, with the peace of mind of a guaranteed place at their favourite location. The reservation system has varying opening reservation dates and times for different places.

Do you have a central/connected reservation system?

At the moment, Parks Canada does not have a connected reservation system.

Do you rent linens and equipment for accommodations?

Various Parks Canada sites offer linens and/or equipment that is available to rent from third party suppliers:

Please contact the national park or national historic site you are visiting or the travel trade team at to inquire about renting equipment.

Passes and Admission Fees

What admission options do you offer?

Parks Canada offers various admission options.

Where can I find a list of your current admission fees for Travel Trade?

For a list of current admission fees, please contact the travel trade team at

When does my client’s park pass expire?

Daily entry pass expiry times vary by location. A list of some national park daily entry pass expiry times can be found on our website. Please contact the national park or national historic site you are visiting to inquire about park pass expiry times or the travel trade team at

Do you offer an e-pass?

Currently, Parks Canada does not offer e-passes.

Do you have a centralized commercial sales office?

Discovery Passes may be purchased through Parks Canada’s national Commercial Sales Office. Our Western Group and Commercial Tours Office sells various types of passes for national parks in Western Canada, as well as Discovery Passes.

To purchase all other commercial group admission and daily FIT admission, please contact the specific national park(s), national historic site(s) and/or national marine conservation area(s) your clients wish to visit.

Do you have net rates available for Travel Trade?

Parks Canada is pleased to offer net rates on Adult, Senior and Family/Group Discovery Passes for your FIT clients, with no minimum order required. Place your order today!

Do you offer net rates for camping and accommodations?

Parks Canada does not offer net rates for camping and accommodations at this time.

Is Parks Canada still providing free admission for youth?

The Government of Canada is pleased to continue to offer free admission to all places administered by Parks Canada for youth aged 17 and under.

By encouraging young people to discover nature and connect with Canada’s incredible nature and history, we can help to inspire the next generation of stewards for these protected places.

Free admission for youth only applies to places administered by Parks Canada. It does not apply to provincial parks, territorial parks, municipal and private parks, nor to the many historic sites not managed by Parks Canada.

What are your 2024 rates for travel trade?

Parks Canada values its relationship with travel trade and wants to ensure that partners and stakeholders in the tourism industry have sufficient advance notice of price changes for business planning purposes. Parks Canada commits to providing 12 months’ notice of any future price changes that will affect travel trade. To request a list of current admission fees, please contact the travel trade team at

Why are there admission fees at Parks Canada administered places?

Parks Canada's funding comes from two sources: government tax-based appropriations and user fees.

Tax dollars are used to create and preserve national parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas, as well as historic canals, since their protection benefits all Canadians. Visitors pay fees to help offset the costs of the services and facilities at Parks Canada administered places since they personally benefit from them.

Revenues from fees collected at national parks, historic sites and marine conservation areas are vital to the operation of these places, forming about 20% of Parks Canada’s operating budget. These fees are re-invested in the same places where they are collected to support visitor programs, services, and facilities, in addition to engaging visitors in conservation efforts. Visitor fees never exceed the costs of delivering the service to visitors, they only ever recover costs, keeping visitor experiences affordable.

What is the Discovery Pass and how does it work?

With a Parks Canada Discovery Pass, your clients can visit incredible national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas. It provides admission to over 80 Parks Canada administered places across the country that typically charge a daily admission fee. It also provides many benefits such as faster entry, greater convenience, and cost savings.

How many people is the Family/Group Discovery Pass valid for? Are Discovery Passes valid for commercial groups?

The Family/Group Discovery Pass can be used for up to 7 people in a vehicle and is non-transferrable. Discovery Passes are an FIT product and are not valid for commercial groups.

Commercial group admission fees are paid on a per person, per day basis.

Do you offer commercial group rates?

Commercial group rates are offered at many national parks and national historic sites. For more information on commercial group rates, please consult the national park or national historic site’s website or the travel trade admission fees page.

Other questions? If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact the travel trade team at

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