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Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site

Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux National Historic Site is a well-hidden secret. Located under the Dufferin Terrace in Old Quebec City, it reveals the remains of the residence and seat of power of the French and British governors from 1620 to 1834. Immerse yourself in more than 200 years of colonial history of diplomacy.

​Guided tour

Accompanied by a guide, explore the archeological remains and discover this place where important decisions once marked North America.

Self-guided audio tour

Enjoy an audio experience that will immerse you in the very heart of the history of Château Saint-Louis and the characters who gravitate there.

​School programs

Participate in the educational activities of this national historic site, fun and learning guaranteed!

Fortifications of Québec Discovery Passport

Several guided tours, one price! You can enjoy four tours in different historical places with one coupon.

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