Nááts’įhch’oh is home to the wild headwater rivers of Tehjeh Deé (the South Nahanni River). The Shúhtaot’ine (Mountain Dene) travelled these lands and river corridors as part of their hunting and gathering cycle that took them from Tulita to Nááts’įhch’oh and beyond.

Today, adventurers are drawn to the challenge of Pı̨́ı̨́p'enéh łéetǫ́ǫ́ Deé (Broken Skull River, II+), Upper Tehjeh Deé (South Nahanni, III+) and Łáhtanįlį Deé (Little Nahanni, III-IV+).

Our rivers are for experienced paddlers only; in fact, only a handful of groups tackle the runs each year. Guided tours are available from multiple outfitters.

Late June to August.

South Nahanni River from Moose Ponds

Little Nahanni River

Broken Skull River

Triple Header

Túoch'ee Tué (O’Grady Lake) 

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