Pı̨́ı̨́p'enéh łéetǫ́ǫ́ Deé (Broken Skull River)

Nááts'įhch'oh National Park Reserve

We don’t know why you haven’t paddled it yet. But we do know Pı̨́ı̨́p'enéh łéetǫ́ǫ́ Deé (the Broken Skull River) is pure fun. Full of bouncy whitewater and epic scenery, the continuous whitewater is perfect for skilled paddlers going on their first northern river trip. Rapids range from class I to III; the majority of the river is I-II, with some long class II+ sections.

Plan 6-10 days to paddle the 150 km from Ǫtaa Tué Fehto (Divide Lake) to Gahnįhthah Mįe (Rabbitkettle Lake) on Tehjeh Deé (the South Nahanni River). Longer trips are possible to Náįlįcho (Virginia Falls) and Nahanni Butte. Contact us or consult the South Nahanni River Touring Guide for more information.

The best time to go is mid-June to mid-August. River difficulty increases in low water, with more class II+ to III rapids reported.

Download everything you need to plan a trip down the Broken Skull River here:


A new version (June) 2018 of the trip planner is now available, replacing the April version which had incorrect coordinates. The correct coordinates are:

  • Shale Creek: 62°57.5898'N, 128°9.645'W
  • Below crux of Pinball: 62°57.0288'N, 128°9.1416'W
  • Possible start for Tu Ɂulah Shúh (Singing Water Mountain) Hike: 62°48.9564'N, 128°1.3518'W

    If you notice an error in a trip planner or have suggestions please contact us: pc.tulitainfo-infotulita.pc@canada.ca


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