Manitoba's Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Clue #8


Where do you buy your stuff these days? Maybe you've been doing some online shopping to get the things you need? Lower Fort Garry shipped most of the goods for Hudson Bay Company to trading posts and back across Rupert’s Land. Oh no, the space-time rift is at it again! ‘Rupert’s Land’ means ‘Western Canada’. What a time warp!

In the 1800s, folks still had to stop by their local Fort to pick up their items once they had been ‘shipped’ (literally, by boat). A popular stop was the “sale shop” at Lower Fort Garry where locals would pick the things they wanted to trade for their furs and goods. It really looks like they have everything here: clothes, dishes, tools and medicines! Look around the store and find something you’d like to buy.

How did they keep this place warm through our long Manitoba winters? Find the woodstove with a big black tube in the middle of the room. What is the name of the thing that lets smoke out of the rooftop?

Answer:__ __ __ square __ __ __

Final Answer

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