At-home activities and games

Every camping trip starts at home. Get ready for your first or next camping adventure with these games and activities to print and do at home.

Printable games and activities

Animal Olympics (PDF 2 MB)

Spring like a squirrel! Sprint like a cougar!

Be a tree detective
(PDF 1313 KB)

Observe trees to learn more about them.

Boots and tracks
8.5 x 11 format (PDF 6105 KB)
11 x 17 format (PDF 3534 KB)

The game that will make you a happy camper.

Camp right! Sleep tight!
(PDF 1535 KB)

Cut and paste all the best camper behaviour.

Camper’s pledge
(PDF 675 KB)

Xplorers promise to protect nature.

Camping charades
(PDF 3799 Ko)

A classic game with a camping twist.

Edible campfire
(PDF 3132 KB)

Build a campfire without burning your fingers.

How to make playing spoons
(PDF 1030 KB)

Make your playing spoons and rock out around the campfire.

Junior Biologist (PDF 1.9 MB)

Observe animals, write down and draw your discoveries!

Nature's Music (PDF 815 KB)

Listen to the sounds of nature.

Night Owl (PDF 2.16 MB)

Fill your eyes with stars

Xplorers board game
(PDF 6402 KB)

Travel the country with a roll of the dice.

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