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Vuntut National Park

Planning a trip to Vuntut National Park is part of the adventure. Your adventure begins by working with Parks Canada, local businesses and regional air charter companies to help you realize your true Arctic wilderness experience. Vuntut National Park has no established access routes, designated landing areas or facilities. Access by land, water and air is possible, but a trip requires careful planning and independent travel skills.

The best time to visit is June-August, when temperatures are mildest and the park enjoys 24 hours of daylight. Be aware that weather conditions even at this time are unpredictable, and visitors must be well prepared for all season conditions, with cold temperatures and inclement weather. During the summer, particularly during the month of July, mosquitoes and black flies occur in great numbers and visitors must be prepared.

Getting here

The closest community to the park is Old Crow. Vuntut National Park is approximately 50 km by air or 190 km by river north of Old Crow.

Facilities and Services

There are no facilities or services in Vuntut National Park. The community of Old Crow offers the nearest services.

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How to get here


Box 19
Old Crow YT  Y0B 1N0




Vuntut National Park is approximately 50 km by air or 190 km by river north of Old Crow, Yukon. There is scheduled air service to Old Crow from Whitehorse and Dawson City in the Yukon, and Inuvik in the Northwest Territories, with Air North.


Facilities and services

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