Prince Albert National Park

The climate of the region is 'cool, continental' with long, cold winters and warm summers, and marked differences between day and night temperatures.

Visitors will find it significantly different from that of Regina, Saskatoon and other locales further south or north in the province.

July and August are the warmest months, but temperatures comfortable for 'short-sleeve' outdoor activity are frequent from mid-May to mid-September.

Annual precipitation, depending upon where you are in the park, varies from 40-50 cm (15-19 inches). Most precipitation falls as rain but the 13 cm (5 in.) that falls as snow (often accumulating to knee-deep by the end of December) provides excellent conditions for cross-country skiing.

The first snowfall of the season usually occurs in early October but a persistent snowcover is not usually present until early December. Snowcover deepens to an average of 50 cm (19 in.) by the end of January. It begins to disappear in late March and 95% of the ground is snow-free by the first week of May.

Green-up proceeds from the second week of May with full leaf-out by the end of the month in most years. Break-up and freeze-up of the waterbodies is staggered according to size.

Weather Forecast

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