Prince Albert National Park

Enjoy the beauty and majesty of the night sky in Prince Albert National Park!

On a clear night, the sky in Prince Albert National Park is truly a splendour to behold. An infinite number of stars light up the sky and you can clearly see our home galaxy, the Milky Way. When conditions are right, the Aurora Borealis come out to dance and play.

The Milky Way, northern lights and constellations are yours to enjoy in Prince Albert National Park. Bring your telescope to South Bay or Paignton Beach along the Narrows Road for wide open views of the night sky. When the winds are calm, you can often see a clear reflection of bright stars and the northern lights on the lake.

The universe is a big place so there is always something going on. Annual meteor showers in August, October and December are a thrill that can be seen in the park.

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