Top Dogtown Trail

Grasslands National Park

Listen to the rare Black-tailed Prairie Dogs bark at your approach as you stroll across the Top Dogtown on this hard surfaced, level trail. Take advantage of the viewing scope to see deer or antelope crossing Laounen Coulee, or look for blooming wildflowers at your feet along the ridge.

*Special Note: It was the Black-tailed Prairie Dog that inspired the creation of a ‘prairie’ national park.

Distance: 750 m loop
Time: 20 minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Trailhead: Ecotour pull-off #2
Latitude: 49.20328195318249 Longitude: -107.5633549849543 (in decimal degrees)
13U 0313283E 5453217N (Coordinates given are UTM datum NAD83)

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