Grasslands National Park

Join conservation efforts for species at risk. Contact us for details on volunteer opportunities!

All Grasslands National Park volunteer opportunities have been suspended for the 2023 season.

Comments from Past Volunteers:

“It’s an experience I would recommend to anyone with an interest in nature or the prairies.”

“I always felt as though my work was valued. The members of the group were so gracious towards the volunteers and constantly thanked us for our help. The work given to me made me feel as though I was a valued member of the team”

“It's hard to explain how privileged I felt joining you. It is so different to actually DO something rather than read about how it was done. It gives an entirely new appreciation of the park and how precious it is.”

To request an application for this volunteer event, contact:

Volunteer Coordinator
Grasslands National Park
Email: infopnprairies-grasslandsnpinfo@pc.gc.ca
Telephone: 877-345-2257

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