Safety is everyone’s responsibility

Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve

Parks Canada – your partner in visitor safety

As your partner in safety, Parks Canada is responsible for delivering a public safety program specifically tailored to the incidents and issues that occur at each protected heritage area. To this end, Parks Canada takes care of visitor risk management and public safety planning, builds and maintains facilities (trails, signage, hazard warning signs, etc.), and works with other government departments and non-government organizations to provide trip planning and safety information, as well as search and rescue services. Although there is national coordination of the public safety program, levels of service and approaches to incidents vary from one location to another.

We do our part to ensure that your visit is safe by assessing risks, managing hazards and providing easily accessible information. As visitors, you can also help by ensuring you get the information you need to stay safe and make informed decisions while enjoying these exceptional places. To ensure a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit, you should be well prepared before undertaking any activity you wish to participate in. Visit our Web sites and talk to our staff for the latest information.

Parks Canada wants to help you enjoy your trip and feel safe.

Your responsibility as a visitor

Parks Canada believes that park visitors must take some responsibility for their own safety, and that risk management must become an integral part of their experience. Some visitors are aware of the potential risks of outdoor recreation activities and prepare accordingly, while others are completely unaware of what they are getting into. This means that they are unable to make an informed decision between taking a calculated risk or making a foolhardy decision in the face of danger. The growing popularity of adventure travel and outdoor activities has highlighted the importance of ensuring that visitors are able to take responsibility for their own safety. Parks Canada asks that you take shared responsibility for your own safety when visiting protected heritage areas to ensure a safe, enjoyable and memorable visit.

Enjoy your visit!

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