La Mauricie National Park

The animal community includes some 50 species of mammals, both large and small. Among these, you will find two ungulata, including the moose, 13 carnivora, such as the black bear and the red fox; 16 rodents, including the beaver and the red squirrel; the only existing lagomorpha, the snowshoe hare; 7 chiroptera, such as the small brown bat; and 10 insectivora, such as the masked shrew. These species are the most commonly found.

The extensive aquatic habitat is one of the reasons for the wide range of mammals. Certain species, like the beaver, the mink and the otter, are characteristic inhabitants. Other mustelinae species, like the long-tail weasel, the marten and the fisher, bring variety to the typical wildlife of the park and to the complex food chain. There are other less noticeable or less abundant species, such as the coyote, the wolf, the lynx, the racoon, the porcupine and the groundhog, along with a variety of mice, bats and voles, all of which are of some significance when it comes to maintaining nature's balance.

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