Conservation in action

La Mauricie National Park

Follow the conservation team in action at La Mauricie National Park! It protects fish and fish habitat by removing logs from lakes and by monitoring water quality. It also stimulates white pine regeneration using prescribed fire. These are just a few examples of our #ParksCanadaConservation stories. You'll see that we're working hard to understand, protect and restore the ecosystems of La Mauricie National Park with a view to preserving their ecological integrity!

A waterfall

Waterfalls to the rescue of brook trout

With our Google Arts and Culture’s interactive story, learn about our efforts to protect the brook trout population in La Mauricie National Park.

A Parks Canada employee removes logs from the bottom of a stream with a pike pole.

A visit at the heart of the park

With this interactive story map, discover some #ParksCanadaConservation stories about the work of the conservation team at La Mauricie National Park.

Parks Canada employee controls spread of prescribed fire

30 years of fire!

Discover the history and benefits of prescribed fire in La Mauricie National Park with this interactive story map.

Parks Canada worker digs a hole in the ice on a lake

Guardians of the park's health

In our video series, follow the conservation team as it monitors the ecological integrity of La Mauricie National Park.

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