The Parks Canada Xplorers program

La Mauricie National Park

Parks Canada Xplorers program is a nation-wide program of discovery activities for children aged from 6 to 11. Its purpose is to promote the family-style exploration of the historical and natural treasures of Canada through a set of amusing recreational and learning activities presented in the form of a booklet.

The Xplorers booklet

Distribution location for activity booklets

Upon arriving at La Mauricie National Park, children can ask for the Xplorers booklet free of charge at any one of the following locations:

  • Saint-Mathieu Visitor Reception Centre
  • Saint-Jean-des-Piles Visitor Reception and Interpretation Centre

A different way of orienting your visit to the park

Among the various activities proposed by this booklet, some target a particular location in the park. Altogether, they will provide a new source of inspiration for orienting your visit!  

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