The forest

Forillon National Park

97% of the park is covered in forests, which are either boreal (i.e., predominantly conifer) or mixed-wood (i.e., a blend of hardwoods and conifers). A total of 639 vascular plant species can be found in park forests.

The three main plant communities are:

  • the balsam fir-yellow birch stand,
  • sugar maple-yellow birch stand,
  • and balsam fir-white birch stand.

Forillon’s forests were considerably modified by human activities throughout the 20th century (e.g., logging, clearing, etc.) and major natural changes (e.g., diseases, epidemics, windfall, etc.). That is why a broad range of transition stages (e.g., fallow fields, immature forests, etc.) have come to characterize these areas today.

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