Road safety

Forillon National Park

  • Reduce your speed
    Highway 132 crosses Forillon National Park. For your safety and that of other users, as well as wild animals, reduce your speed once in the park.

  • Pay attention to animals
    An encounter with a large mammal, such as a bear or a moose, may cause a major accident or tie up traffic.

    If you must stop to let them pass, stop on the shoulder and stay at an appropriate distance so as not to disturb them and stay in your car.

    You can often see moose, porcupines, bears, hares and other small rodents at the side of the park’s roads. For their sake, please be cautious and drive slower!

  • Be sure that you have enough gas
    Before your arrival, plan to fill up your tank. The nearest gas stations are located some 15 km from either park entrance.

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