Visitor Information and Discovery Centre

Forillon National Park

The perfect place for a first contact with the park!

You will find various services and activities, such as:


  • Camper information and registration
  • Laundry facilities, 24-hour self-service
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Gender-inclusive washrooms
  • Shop
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Bike repair station
  • Food


    Discover – Commemorate – Protect

    This exhibition in this building illustrates the natural and cultural mosaic patiently shaped by nature and time on Forillon land. You will discover all the biodiversity of this expanse of sea and mountains, as well as the treasures hidden in its rocks and human memory.


    Appalachian memories


    The exhibition tells the geological history of Forillon through nine easily accessible sites of interest. Will you be able to "Read the lines in the rock"?


    Land of remarkable nature


    From the low taiga of Penouille to the summit of Mount Saint-Alban, the Forillon trails reveal a surprisingly contrasting fauna and flora. Have fun matching species to clues, which will reveal some of the amazing features of the park's flora and fauna.

    Promotional video of the interactive table


    Sea of unsuspected wonders


    The cold, oxygenated waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Bay of Gaspé support an impressive array of marine life. Dive, with the help of virtual reality helmets, into the waters surrounding Forillon National Park, and have fun finding certain marine species.


    Exceptional meeting point


    Life meets here, in Forillon. The bird finds its nest there. The plant, its soil. The fish, its current. The human, their space. Have fun understanding the richness of Forillon's; and by activating the animations on the interactive wall.


    The park's ecosystems


    This part of the exhibition is made up of rotating triangles in which you will discover highlights, artifacts and educational content about Forillon National Park’s different ecosystems. Can you rebuild and identify the main image, which illustrates the ecosystem?


    Differing perspectives


    Forillon leaves a strong imprint for those who have contemplated, studied and lived there. Here are the views of the Mi'gmaq community of Gespeg, some expropriated people, artists, scientists and visitors, as time goes by, and their inspirations.


    The film “A gem at land’s end”


    Whether it is for the exceptional beauty of its sea and mountain landscapes, the richness of its fauna and flora, or the moving authenticity of its heritage sites, Forillon is abound in natural and cultural treasures. However, few suspect that, beneath every step they take, lies a fascinating story, written right in the rocks of Forillon. Learn more with the documentary film "A Gem at Land’s End".

    Duration: 20 minutes.

    English and French versions alternate every 30 minutes


    Children's corner


    What could be better than a small area dedicated to children so that they can have fun during their visit. This corner includes a magnificent mural representing Forillon by artist Mylène Henry. On this mural, children can move different magnetic characters to create fun stories based on their imagination.

    Have a bite in the harbour.

    The Café DesRosiers

    The home-made products and varied coffees at Café DesRosiers will delight visitors to the North area who are stopping off at the Visitor and Discovery Centre. In addition to a menu typical of this fishing harbour, the Café offers cultural programming with a local flavour. Café DesRosiers and Petit Café de la Traverse are both operated by the Café de la Traverse team, a Gaspesian business based in the heart of the village of Saint-Majorique. 

    Members of the Café de la Traverse benefit from the usual discounts at the Café DesRosiers.

      From June 21 to September 15

      9:30 am to 4 pm

      To come


    Croisières Forillon (cruise)

    Get a front row seat to a breathtakingly lively natural amphitheatre when you embark on this cruise. Observation of seals, sea birds and mackerel fishing.

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