Kite surfing

Forillon National Park

Crazy about kite surfing? We’ve got a secret for you! The Penouille Peninsula beach at Forillon National Park is the perfect place for kite surfing! Penouille is easy to get to and boasts a flat beach and shallow waters. Plus, it benefits from the sea breeze effect and the steady winds that blow over the Gaspé Bay (S, SE, N, NW, W).

Please note that the park does not offer kite surfing equipment rentals or instruction.

Important information

Mid-June to mid-September

Satellite image of Penouille showing in green two kitesurfing areas with signs superimposed.

The salted marsh, on the upper section of the map, is a protected area and the access is prohibited.

You must stay in the designated areas when setting up your equipment and deploying your kite. Please note that these areas are not reserved exclusively for kite surfing, but kite surfers do have priority over other users.

Both areas are 150 metres wide. The first is located about 350 metres from the welcome centre and the second is about 2 km from it. Please arrange your gear so as not to disturb other beach users.  

Mid-September to mid-June

The entire Penouille coast (except the salt marsh) may be used for prepping kites and kite surfing. Please be mindful of other beach users when choosing a kite surfing location.

Safety and rules

Un homme pratiquant le surf cerf-volant en mer.
Be careful and steer clear of swimmers.

In addition to following all regular safety rules, kite surfers must also keep in mind that:

  • The Penouille beach is popular with swimmers and families with small children. 
  • At low tide, the water is very shallow near the coast and you should watch out for sandbars.
  • There are some fairly strong currents further from the shoreline (between the navigation buoys located between Penouille and Sandy Beach). 

Forillon National Park extends into the marine environment over 150 metres from the coastline. Please be extra careful not to disturb any plant or wildlife.

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