Hyman & Sons General Store

Forillon National Park

Une femme se dirige vers la porte d'un vieux magasin général tandis qu'un randonneur passe près d'elle.

The general store is located at the beginning of the Les Graves trail.

Treasures abound inside this historic general store, which occupies the ground floor of the original home built by William Hyman in 1864.

When you step into the store’s  warm atmosphere of yesteryear, you’ll discover the typical operations of the “company stores” operated by the major fish merchants and their huge inventory, including: canned products, patent medicines, china dinner services, farming equipment, fishing tackle, clothing, etc. The video entitled “Time and Tide Remembered” is presented in the screening room adjoining the store.

Don't miss the exhibit in the Hyman warehouse. It provides a window onto the flourishing international cod trade in the early 20th century.

Location : Grande-Grave

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