Snorkelling and scuba diving

Forillon National Park

The diversity of Forillon's aquatic fauna and flora makes it ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts. Penouille and Petit-Gaspé beaches, among others, permit the observation of a nice variety of marine organisms.

A few tips to make the most of your stay:

Have your equipment

It is important to note that all diving activities must be done on your own, as no equipment is available on site. Oxygen refill service is not available either.

Respect the restricted areas and the regulations in force

For safety and environmental protection reasons, areas marked in red on the map are prohibited at all times for snorkeling, diving, swimming, walking and docking.

In addition, please note that Fisheries and Oceans Canada Marine Mammal Regulations, in particular regarding disturbances, also apply within the 150-metre strip of marine area around Forillon National Park.

Ensure your safety

None of the beaches in Forillon National Park are supervised by lifeguards. It is therefore important that you ensure your safety when practicing your activity.

In addition to following the usual safety guidelines for this activity, keep in mind that:

  • many rocks along the sea are often very slippery due to algae;
  • boats and watercraft may operate within the park boundaries;
  • commercial fishing gear such as ropes and nets may be present.

Refer to the "Safety at sea" section for more information.

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