Forillon National Park

Treasure hunting enthusiasts are able to walk through Forillon National Park to find hidden caches and discover information about this historically rich site, while enjoying the unique scenery.

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Where to start?

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a kind of modern treasure hunt that is done with a GPS or your smart phone. The goal is to find the geocache and put your name in it. As such, no physical objects are exchanged at Parks Canada caches.

All the information on how to participate in geocaching can be found at

Do I need special equipment to play?

You will need to create an account at

Once registered, you will officially be geocachers, needing only a GPS, your pen, a notebook, and a good mood!

Can I trade or find items in the Forillon National Park geocaches?

No. It is not permitted to exchange objects or leave an object in a cache located on a Parks Canada site.

Geocachers are also required to abide by the current site rules.

Caches are positioned to be accessible from trails or public areas. They are installed so as not to disturb the fauna, flora or cultural resources.

Can I also install a cache on the site?

No. All caches installed on a Parks Canada managed site require special authorization from Parks Canada.

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