Who we are seeking

Rouge National Urban Park

Agricultural tenants

Parks Canada welcomes a wide range of farmers and farm businesses to join Rouge National Urban Park’s vibrant farming community. Located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the park provides farm businesses with unique access to diverse markets, while diverse communities have the chance to experience and learn about the importance of local farmers and agriculture.

Our evaluation criteria for farm tenants include:

  • Commitment to agricultural best management practices
  • A fully thought-out farm production and business plan with realistic goals
  • Commercial farming experience and demonstrated ability to implement the proposed plan
  • Proof of access to necessary start-up resources
  • Willingness to co-operate with park conservation efforts
  • Potential synergies with park visitor experiences objectives and programming

Commercial tenants

As a commercial landlord, Parks Canada is looking for commercial tenants who support our mandate to provide engaging and varied public experiences that will foster learning, appreciation and enjoyment.  Rouge National Urban Park is a diverse landscape in Canada’s largest metropolitan area. As such, we welcome lessees who can showcase and share the area’s remarkable natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes with Canadians and visitors from around the world. We are seeking long-term sustainable businesses and are especially interested in hospitality or food and beverages operations, such as a 'bed and breakfast' or a cafe.


Residential tenants

Parks Canada looks for tenants who are enthusiastic about living in and protecting the natural and built heritage of our park. Our tenants are an array of long-standing and new park tenants who enjoy the use of heritage buildings and the surrounding natural and agricultural landscapes. Lessees who can demonstrate responsible stewardship of our houses are the best candidates for living in this national urban park. 

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