Property types

Rouge National Urban Park


Agricultural properties

Agricultural properties include fields ranging in size from 2 to 200 acres, and can include a farm house and outbuildings.  These properties are available to farm businesses and require an Environmental Farm Plan. Agricultural leases may be up to 30 years.




Commercial properties

Commercial properties may include houses and/or outbuildings for re-adaptation to small- or medium-scale commercial operations within Rouge National Urban Park.  Assets may include federally recognized and/or designated heritage buildings with reuse potential.  Commercial leases are intended for business owners who may choose to live where they operate their business in one of these park homes. Business proposals will be considered on the basis of  their alignment with Park management objectives.



Residential properties

Residential properties are available to individuals interested in living in a rural environment within a national urban park. These leases include homes that are not connected to agricultural leases and are not designated for public small business offers. These properties offer lessees the unique opportunity to be a part of the Rouge National Urban Park community.


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