Rouge National Urban Park

Settlers first arrived in the Rouge Valley in 1799. Over the next two centuries, the lands of the Rouge Valley were used in many different ways. Today, traces of this history can still be found in many areas of the park.

Zoo area 

The Zoo area is now a popular trail access point, but in the past it has been home to apple orchards, a landfill and several historic houses.

  • Apple orchards
  • Beare Hill
  • Pearse House
  • Valley Halla

Twyn Rivers area

The Twyn Rivers area was once home to two hotels and one of the last operational mills in the Rouge Valley.

  • Glen Eagles Vista
  • Maxwell's Mill
  • Rouge Valley Inn

Other areas

Explore the history of various areas of the park, from an old logging trail, to schoolhouses, to former campgrounds and cottage getaways.

  • Graham Park
  • Hurricane Hazel
  • Mast Trail
  • Schoolhouses
  • Venice of the North
  • Woodland Park

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