Pukaskwa National Park protects a nationally significant area of Lake Superior shoreline and boreal forest. With no road access, the Lake Superior shoreline between Hattie Cove to Michipicoten is the least developed shoreline anywhere on the Great Lakes. As interest in exploring this coastline continues to increase, we ask that you take steps to minimize your impacts on the ecosystem as you travel through the park. Wild spaces can survive as long as we strive to be stewards, not consumers, of wilderness areas.

While enjoying your outdoor pursuits, Parks Canada asks you to adopt the “Leave No Trace” outdoor principles:

  • Know the regulations and special concerns for the areas you’ll visit.
  • Be prepared for extreme weather, hazards, and possible emergencies.


  • Hike on established trails and enjoy designated campsites.


  • Pack it in, pack it out! Garbage, leftover food and litter all look much better in a trash can!
  • Use the dishwashing stations available at the campground comfort stations, or strain dishwater and dispose of solid contents with waste before dispersing dishwater far from the campsite.


  • Help preserve the past. If you see a cultural or historic structure/artifact, take a good look and be inspired, but please do not touch.
  • Leave rocks, plants and other natural objects as you find them. The best souvenirs are found at the park store anyway!
  • Let everyone enjoy the untouched beauty of the park; please do not build structures or dig trenches.


  • Keep the wild in wildlife! Observe animals from a distance and do not feed them.
  • Keep pets close by and on a leash.
  • Store snacks and trash securely.


  • Where fires are permitted, keep cozy and use established fire boxes.
  • Burn all wood and coals to ash and put out campfires completely.

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